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IT Support and IT System Admin, Cloud system deployment using docker and kubernetes, Penetration Testing and Cybersecurity consulting, Computer&IT Network LAN, Wi-fi (IPv4, IPv6), VOIP, Data Warehouse On-premises & On-Cloud, Database, relational database design, Data migration, Google Cloud configuration for Webserver, AWS Cloud security design and consulting, SSL/TLS certificate/Microsoft 365 Admin Support, Google Workspace, Firewall and Network configuration, Cloud server and SSL setup,


Expert Peoples

Experienced IT system engineer


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Leveraging CMMI level 5


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Innovations at work

Designing and moving projects to the Cloud such as GKE, EKS, DigitalOcean, etc. or dockerise existing applications to be used on other servers Design a system structure or infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service or Microsoft Azure.

Recover hacked website

Solve the problem of hacked website WordPress hacked WordPress hacked Malware WordPress Redirected unable to access the website Enter and bounce to other websites, slow loading, Google reports dangerous websites or there is an error, can't access the website. We are happy to resolve your issue within 24 hours. Update your WordPress plugins and themes to the latest version. Scan for foreign files to fill vulnerabilities so that they will not be hacked again. along with continuous care services for another 3 months

Database design, import, export data from database Write a program to extract data from the database into an Excel file as needed. Handling more than a hundred million records such as data migration, backup/restore, SSIS, merging data from more than one source database Types of databases we specialize in: MySql , MSSQL , Postgres , Oracle

– Develop a program to create a model & prediction in the field of Data ScienceĀ 
– Develop a program to help calculate in various calculations, research Various scientific data work AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning with Python language, Jupyter Notebook, Jupyter Lab